Pets and their people are a unit,  what's good for one is good for the other. At B.M.S. Pet Sitters, we know that. As a member of Pet Sitters International, we stress strong ideals, professional standards and common-sense methods, reinforced with dependable know-how. The PSI approach equips pet sitters with quality awareness,  pet owners with quality assurance and pets with quality in-home pet care!


Why Pet Owners Hire Professional Pet Sitters

  • Pets are happier and experience less stress at home.
  • Diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted.
  • Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Pet's exposure to illness is minimized.
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called.

Benefits for the Pet Owner

  • You are not inconvenienced by transporting the pet.
  • You do not have to impose upon a friend, neighbor or relative.
  • With provided crime deterrent services, your home is looked after as well as your pet.
  • You can return home at any hour of the day and find your happy, healthy pet eagerly awaiting your return.

Why do professional pet sitters choose PSI?

Pet Sitters International is the world’s largest educational association for professional pet sitters. PSI members have access to the most extensive—and helpful—slate of benefits and affiliate programs in the industry.

Betty, Mallory and Suzy (B.M.S)